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Sunday, September 17, 2017


Room 8
Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive

Dear Countdown,

I am Angela, a student in Room 8  at Halsey Drive School. We’ve been learning about fair trade and I have been wondering why in your supermarket there is no sign of fair trade sugar or coffee beans.
I would really like to support poor farmers and give them some money for their hard work. If you don’t mind it would be very nice if you could put fair trade stickers to all the fair trade sugar and coffee if you get any.

Regards Angela,File:FairTrade-Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

This term we have been learning about Fair trade. I think fair trade is helping farmers a lot so I think fair trade is amazing and that's why I would love to help.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Games To Play In The Car

This week we read a book called The reward and it's all about number plates and playing games. Here is my poster of what to play on long drives.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Three billy goats gruff

Three billy goats gruff

Once upon a time there were three goats. They lived far far away. They were so hungry that the three goats ate all the grass from where they lives so they found a bridge and they carried on.

There was the smallest goat and he was the first one to find bright green grass and there was the middle goat and he found a wonderful bridge but…. There was a Troll under there. But the small goat still went and he saw the Troll and the Troll said, “ What are you doing on my bridge?”
The little goat said “ Please don’t eat me I don’t have any meat in me.” Then the Troll realised and said “yeah go ahead.”  Then the little goat went on munching some grass.

Then the middle goat went to the bridge in fear because he had more meat on him but he realised my big brother is bigger than me so I will try. So he went on and said as fast as he could, “ Please don’t eat me, my brother obviously has way way more meat than me, please Troll.
“ Hmmm ok I agree go on,” said the Troll.

The Troll was super excited to finally get the Big Billy Goat as a treat to eat. The Troll said “hello why are you on my bridge?” said the troll
” The billy goat said “ to get to the other side,”  
“ Well I am going to eat you” shouted the Troll.

The big billy goat had big hooves and kicked the Troll in the river. Then after the big goat got over the bridge the goats screamed “ta ta bye bye” and the goats were laughing and laughing as loud as they could. They started crying and it was the most hilarious time of their life. “Haha” they laughed and they lived happily ever after eating grass.

This week we are we wrote fairy tales with a twist my twist was the goat kicked the troll with hi hooves.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Where am I ?

Where am I ?

When I walk through the doors there are heaps of children playing. Children are screaming and playing games. The place can be cold and warm it really depend on the climate. It’s a nice place to go after you eat for children obviously. It’s very loud I can’t stand it. I call my friend to play on the monkey bars with me.

Can you guess where I am? Comment down below.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thinking Hats


Three Way Conferences - Thinking Hats for Year 4-6
What are the facts about school?  What concepts have you learned about?  What have you been involved in?
Share a piece of work that you are proud of.  Talk about the process of creating it.  What new skills did you learn? What have you done well?  
What is an area that you need to improve in?  Share a piece of work that you found challenging. What do you need to do to improve?  Do you need some help?
Reading Age: 8-9yrs
Writing Level: level 2
Maths strategy stage: E5
Maths knowledge stage: 5
Inquiry Topics: Taonga,Functions
Extra Curricular: Gardening club
Work I will share:I will share my instructions

  • How to use bossy verbs .
  • My instructions has made people interested to do.
  • I think I have explained it clearly.
Work I will share: writing
  • I need to improve by not forgetting to put in little words
What are your feelings about your learning?  What makes you happy at school?  Is there anything that worries you?
What are your thoughts about your learning?  How are you doing overall?
So what now?  Create some goals with your teacher and your parents. Is there something your teacher or you parents can help with? (these could be started at your three way conference and finished later).

I feel confident when I do learning
I feel happy when I learn new things
What worries me is when I get lots of mistakes in test’s

My Strengths: maths, writing neatly,hockey

My Challenges: art,reading faster,
By … I will have..